Fleet Driver Training

A specialist course that focuses on confident, efficient and safe driving for fleet drivers

Fulfilling your duty of care as an employer, this course covers all aspects of occupational road risk – building confidence and safe driving best practice for fleet drivers whilst also lowering fleet costs.


How will your business benefit from Fleet Driver training?

For your drivers, Fleet Driver training can transform their driving experience – making them feel safer, more valued and more confident.  But the benefits for your business are also significant – from reduced fleet costs to boosting your company image:

  • Fulfill your duty of care.  Our training course will help you to fulfill your legal obligation to manage the risks associated with driving at work.
  • The running cost of your fleet will reduce as your drivers will be taught the principles of Eco-Driving – increasing their MPG by up to 15%, as well as reducing wear and tear and associated maintenance costs. 
  • Reduce insurance premiums and speeding fines.  Promoting safer driving reduces the number of accidents and driving related incidents – and it’s a fantastic course for persistent speeders.
  • Respectful, safe drivers enhance your company image and reputation.  It’s also a great way to nurture and support nervous drivers to gain confidence on the road.

What to expect when you train with Teesside LGV

At Teesside LGV, we set the standard for LGV training – it’s why our pass rates are so high and why you’ll feel confident and supported throughout your training journey.   You can expect:

  • Exceptional 1-to-1 instruction from our own team of highly qualified LGV driving instructors – the only NRI-approved (National Register of Instructors) LGV instructors in Teesside.
  • A whole host of extra fleet driving tips and advice that help to ensure your team has a safer, more efficient and more enjoyable driving experience when they are on the road.
  • Fantastic facilities.  Our Fleet-Driver training takes place at our very own DVSA-approved on-site training and test centre – using our own fleet of vehicles.  As well as being convenient, it also means your fleet drivers can gain confidence driving a true-to-life vehicle on a realistic course.  Companies and individuals can also supply their own vehicles, if preferred.

Fleet-Driver Course content 

Our 1-day Fleet-Driver courses are tailored to your drivers’ needs, but generally cover:

  • eco-driving 
  • speed awareness 
  • developing awareness and attention
  • dealing with road rage
  • road risk management
  • mobile phone usage
  • personal safety

What to do next

If you’d like to book your Fleet-Driver training, just give us a ring and our fantastic office team will guide you through the entire process.

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