Driving Career

Is being a LGV driver a good career?

In short, absolutely.

Life as a LGV driver can be rewarding, flexible and lucrative.  At Teesside LGV, we set the standard for LGV training and have helped thousands of drivers embark on, and elevate, their driving careers as safe, confident drivers – for life.  

Our entire team of NRI-approved instructors all come from a transport or logistics background, and you’ll find our passion for LGV driving is visible in everything we do.

To us, a career as a LGV driver is unlike any other – it gives you fantastic choices, work longevity and great opportunities for progression:

  • The range of jobs is enormous – from driving 7.5-tonne trucks locally, to forklift truck driving, long distance, overnight and international travel in the largest articulated vehicles and specialist tankers.
  • You are in demand – There’s a growing, national shortage of LGV drivers.  Currently, the Road Haulage Distribution and Training Council (THDTC) need around 50,000 more LGV drivers – just to fill existing vacancies.  
  • Great earning potential.  With fewer drivers qualifying as C+E and Class C drivers, wages are increasing – experienced drivers can earn well over £45,000p/a.  
  • You can increase your earning potential further with additional qualifications, like ADR dangerous goods transportation.
  • The choice is yours – from the size and type of vehicle you want to drive to choosing the flexibility of being an agency driver or the security of permanent employment (and its associated benefits) with one company.

We love nothing more than supporting the next generation of LGV drivers to fulfill their potential as safe, confident drivers in our growing industry.  Whatever your reason for choosing LGV driving as a career, you’ll find training with us is a reassuringly different experience.  

To ask us about our LGV training courses, just give us a call – our range of courses cover every driver category, as well as additional courses to elevate your career with advanced skills.

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