Transport Managers CPC Training (Road Haulage)

Teesside LGV Training is your local training provider who offers Transport managers training and examinations from their approved training centre. Our instructors are highly qualified with real life experience in the position of Transport Management within the Transport Industry.

To become a Transport Manager you need a professional qualification called the Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). The qualifications are for individuals who want to become a Transport Manager, Showing their professional competence to meet Operator Licensing requirements.

Teesside LGV Training is an approved Training provider of Level Three Transport Managers with the Skills & Educations Group. This course is normally 10 days in duration with examinations the following week from our approved Centre.

You will be issued with all the training material you will need for the course and the examinations


On the examination date you will attend our Training centre, you will sit two examinations

  • Multiple-choice
  • Case study

The Multiple-choice examination will have 60 multiple choice questions and the duration of the examination is 2 hours

–  70% correct answers to pass (42 out of 60)

The Case Study examination is normally around 6 – 8 questions and the duration of the examination is 2¼ hours

  –  60 marks in total –  50% to pass (nominally 30 out of 60)

  (questions on Operator Licensing, Costing and Drivers’   Hours on every paper)

Transport Managers CPC Training Course Dates

WC Monday 23rd May (5 days) and WC Monday 30th May (5 days) with examinations on Friday 10th June.

WC Monday 22nd August (5 days) and WC Monday 29th August (5 days) with examinations on Friday 9th September

WC Monday 21st November (5 days) and WC Monday 28th November (5 days) with examinations on Friday 9th December

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